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Aesthetic Album Name List with Means

  1. The Ethereal Odyssey (Meaning: A journey through otherworldly realms) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  2. Amber Serenade (Meaning: A soothing melody like the warmth of amber) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  3. Velvet Dreamscape (Meaning: A soft and luxurious dreamscape) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  4. Luminous Reverie (Meaning: A radiant and blissful daydream) (Origin: Latin) (Era: Contemporary)

  5. Sapphire Horizon (Meaning: The vast blue horizon) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  6. Ephemeral Whispers (Meaning: Fleeting and gentle whispers) (Origin: Greek) (Era: Contemporary)

  7. Moonlit Sonata (Meaning: A melodious composition under the moonlight) (Origin: Italian) (Era: Modern)

  8. Stardust Symphony (Meaning: A celestial symphony from stardust) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  9. Azure Nocturne (Meaning: A deep blue night composition) (Origin: French) (Era: Modern)

  10. Glimmering Arcadia (Meaning: A sparkling and idyllic paradise) (Origin: Greek) (Era: Contemporary)

  11. Rosegold Melancholy (Meaning: A bittersweet melancholy with a touch of rose gold) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  12. Cosmic Overture (Meaning: A grand opening inspired by the cosmos) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  13. Enchanted Caravan (Meaning: A magical and mysterious journey) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  14. Golden Haze (Meaning: A warm and golden atmospheric quality) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  15. Whispering Willows (Meaning: The soft murmurs of the willow trees) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  16. Opalescent Memoir (Meaning: A reflective and iridescent recollection) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  17. Scarlet Solstice (Meaning: A vibrant and fiery eventide) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  18. Cherry Blossom Waltz (Meaning: A graceful dance inspired by cherry blossoms) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  19. Mystic Mirage (Meaning: A mysterious and illusionary mirage) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  20. Emerald Lullaby (Meaning: A calming lullaby like the color of emeralds) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  21. Velveteen Serendipity (Meaning: A fortunate discovery with a velvety touch) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  22. Dusky Aurora (Meaning: A dusky and enchanting northern lights) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  23. Amethyst Nocturne (Meaning: A deep purple night composition) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  24. Ethereal Meadows (Meaning: Otherworldly and peaceful meadows) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  25. Sapphire Soliloquy (Meaning: A solitary and deep blue monologue) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  26. Celestial Voyage (Meaning: A journey through the cosmos) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  27. Golden Ember (Meaning: A warm and glowing ember) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  28. Enigmatic Rhapsody (Meaning: A mysterious and expressive composition) (Origin: Greek) (Era: Contemporary)

  29. Opaline Delirium (Meaning: A delirious and iridescent state) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  30. Ruby Twilight (Meaning: A radiant and crimson twilight) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  31. Floral Serenade (Meaning: A melodious tribute to flowers) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  32. Enchanted Reverie (Meaning: A blissful and magical daydream) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  33. Moonstone Sonnet (Meaning: A lyrical and moonlit sonnet) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  34. Stardust Lullaby (Meaning: A soothing lullaby from stardust) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  35. Cerulean Nocturne (Meaning: A deep blue night composition) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  36. Whispering Oasis (Meaning: The soft murmurs of an oasis) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  37. Lavender Ballade (Meaning: A poetic ballad with a lavender touch) (Origin: French) (Era: Modern)

  38. Amber Solstice (Meaning: A warm and amber eventide) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  39. Gossamer Voyage (Meaning: A delicate and ethereal journey) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  40. Rose Quartz Rhapsody (Meaning: A whimsical and rosy-hued composition) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  41. Cosmic Mirage (Meaning: A mirage inspired by the cosmos) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  42. Golden Willow (Meaning: A willow tree with a golden touch) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  43. Emerald Serenity (Meaning: A serene composition like emeralds) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  44. Velvet Moonrise (Meaning: A soft and luxurious moonrise) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  45. Dusky Memoir (Meaning: A reflective and dusky recollection) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  46. Amethyst Horizon (Meaning: The vast purple horizon) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  47. Mystic Whispers (Meaning: Mysterious and gentle whispers) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  48. Lilac Symphony (Meaning: A symphony with lilac hues) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  49. Ethereal Caravan (Meaning: A magical and otherworldly journey) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  50. Opalescent Ember (Meaning: A glowing and iridescent ember) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  51. Ruby Soliloquy (Meaning: A deep red monologue) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  52. Celestial Waltz (Meaning: A graceful dance inspired by the cosmos) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  53. Golden Mirage (Meaning: A mirage with golden hues) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  54. Enigmatic Nocturne (Meaning: A mysterious and nocturnal composition) (Origin: Greek) (Era: Contemporary)

  55. Opaline Serenade (Meaning: A soothing serenade with an iridescent touch) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  56. Rosewood Lullaby (Meaning: A calming lullaby like rosewood) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  57. Azure Memoir (Meaning: A reflective and blue-hued recollection) (Origin: French) (Era: Modern)

  58. Velvet Dreams (Meaning: Soft and luxurious dreams) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  59. Dusky Serendipity (Meaning: A fortunate discovery in dusky settings) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  60. Amber Aurora (Meaning: A warm and amber northern lights) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  61. Glimmering Sonnet (Meaning: A lyrical and sparkling sonnet) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  62. Rosegold Symphony (Meaning: A symphony with rose gold hues) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  63. Mystic Overture (Meaning: A mysterious and grand opening) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

  64. Emerald Oasis (Meaning: A calming oasis with emerald hues) (Origin: English) (Era: Contemporary)

  65. Velveteen Serenade (Meaning: A melodious serenade with a velvety touch) (Origin: English) (Era: Modern)

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